Sleeves and type of sleeve

 Along with the changing fashions, designs of designs also keep changing. Various designs are made of designs on women's clothing.

Type of sleeve

  1. Half Sleeves (Half Sleeve):
  2. Full Sleeve:
  3. Reglan Sleeve:
  4. Magyar Sleeve:
  5. Flare Sleeve:
  6. Three-Quarter-Sleeve:
  7. Sleeveless (sleeveless): 

Half Sleeves (Half Sleeve)

Half-sleeves are made in every category of clothes, but it is used more in the bush of most men and boys. Women's clothing is made half-sleeved, especially in the coat of nurses and doctors. Its length is taken about 2 inches above the shoulder. 

The width varies according to the sealing measure. This is kept fit in the shape of the arm sealing in the blouse. Children's clothing is manipulated according to different designs.

Full Sleeve:

Full sleeves can also be made in all fabrics. It is mainly known in three forms, which are made in women's costumes. The first coat, frock or kurta is made in Punjabi-style, with a simple tight sleeve. With this, a little cello sleeve is made in the gent's kurta, in the entire arm shirt of men it is made with cuffs. 

Similarly, in the case of light tops in women's tops, cuffs are made by making loose sleeves. It is also made in the form of a cuffed arm. The frills are fastened with loose and wide frills on the seals of tight arms, which are highly adorned in women's dresses.

Reglan Sleeve:

Its joint is inserted below the shoulder, from the middle of the throat to the armpit and the length of the arm is taken from the sealing to the throat. In Reglan Sleeve, the issue of deep cutting in front is accounted for in this joint. 

Reglan sleeves are often made into women's blouses, dresses, and coats. In the changing environment of fashion, raglan sleeves have also been liked in the coat of youth, which is beautiful and more convenient to look at.

Magyar Sleeve:

The sleeve formed in the seamless 'one-piece' is called Magyar-baju. It is made on the same cloth from the shoulders to the arms. It is also called 'kimono sleeve' and 'maga sleeve'. It is also made mostly in women's blouses, shirts, nighty, gowns. This simple-looking arm is also easy to make.

Flare Sleeve:

This side fill frock is made in costumes for 'Maternity' blouses, nighties, and gummies. To make this, a loose arm is made by cutting the slant on the cane and left open from the sealing side.


Nowadays, Shree-quarter sleeves are most used. This arm is popularly known as three quarter length arm. Shree-quarter sleeves are made in women's costumes. In summer dresses, both tight, loose types of sleeves can be made in three-fourth lengths. 

For working women, the three-fourth length of the arm is more convenient than the full arm. It is made in blouses, Punjabi kurtas, nighty, gowns, coats, etc. According to fashion, it can also be made 'puff' by adding pleats towards the shoulder on this side. And dilli can be made like 'flare'

Sleeveless (sleeveless): 

Most sleeveless sleeves are preferred in summer. This arm is made in women's costumes. Sleeveless sleeves are more convenient in terms of the movement of hya in the summer days. The cut of the mouth is also known as 'cut - sleeve'. 

In such a case, it is trumped by piping or a thin bandage on the mouth. The second issue is lightened up and placed in the form of a 'Magure - Sleeve'. This site is kept open from the side and wide frills, laces, etc. are put on the issue. It is covered with a wide collar or flap.

Puff Sleeve:

"Puff sleeves" are the most popular among women's and children's wear. Puff sleeves are made by adding pleats to the cane and sealing. Blouses, suits, frocks are made with enough pleats to be picked up from the middle. Then a wide bandage or piping or cuff is applied. Puffs are also made in half-sleeves (half-sleeved) with the help of folds. 

They have previously used infill designs, but nowadays many types of fashion according to Puff sleeves are customary in clothing. In cutting it, the cloth is taken at will in addition to the length of the sleeves, on which the pleats empty and it swells up like a balloon. Handmade. 

Let us know the method of sewing, lining, straps, joints, cuffs, pleats, etc. of various sleeves and applying a thin bandage or piping to the sleekness issue which should be applied very sensibly. Carefully pull the strip lights on the roundness of me Want to sing By doing this the fitting of me fits well. 

Before attaching the sleeves to the garments, the sides should be folded and by 'press' the joints should be ripped off. It would be good if the shoulder joints are also ripped off. This makes the sleeve easily climb and the fitting is also good

The entire arm of the lining should be reversed with the lining and bring the joint to the back of the shoulder. This sleeve is mostly worn in ladies' coat. It is only appropriate to remove all the force from the press after the lining on the fabric is completely raw by filling the sutures by machine or by hand.

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