Sewing needle type of needle

 As you know, there are two nails on the machine, called school pins, and on which, a thread reel is attached.

Thread setting in a sewing needle

After applying the thread reel, take one end of the thread out of the top hole and put it through the grade tension device, and put it in the take-up lever. Then thread the thread through the shred guide. After this, slowly turn the flywheel towards you.

So be sure that while rotating the flywheel 3. Hold the 4-inch thread through the needle or else the thread will stretch when the needle goes into the needle and the thread will come out of the needle.

sewing needle

The downward needle will draw a loop of thread from the bobbin and bobbin case stuck in the shuttle. Stitching is done with the help of both those threads.

How to apply needle

Lift the needle rod (judge) upwards by driving the flywheel of the machine. Then loosen the clamp screw at the bottom of the gauze and pull the needle into the gauze rod, but make sure that the flat part of the needle stays on the inside.

The passage closes with a small screw in the yard groove. Tighten the clamp screw by touching the top of the needle. If the flat part of the needle is placed outwards, then it becomes a cause of breakage.

Type of sewing needle 

Before sewing, it is very important to know how many types of needles are there and how many needles are enough for which clothes.

Machine needles range from 1 to 24 and are combined in two types. One round and the other flat. A round needle is always applied in large sewing machines. Those sewing machines are also called umbrella machines.

Umbrella machines are electrically operated in most of the factories, while small machines are used by ordinary tailors, though the number of needles used for sewing is mostly. It is 16.

The specialty of this needle is that it moves easily on almost every fabric; Such as Rubia, Jarjat, Muslin, Kareb, Latta, Papalin, Khaddar, etc. Needles from No.9 to 11 are used in embroidery work.

For these, a thread of 60 to 80 numbers is applied. Needles of the number 18 to 24 are used to stitch coarse cloth. These needles are very strong and do not break quickly. It is very useful for sewing leather, military clothing, parachutes, etc.

Huh. They use thread numbers 5 to 20 for a chest. Like machine needles, hand-held needles also hold an important position. It ranges from needle number to number 12. Needles of numbers 0 to 2 are used for mattress, quilt, tarpaulin, etc.

Needles of 3 to 4 numbers are used in the form of rain and thick clothes like the military. Needles of 5 to 6 numbers are very useful for making hinge. This stench, muslin, papain, etc. is used in the chest.

Needles numbered 7 to 8 are best for trimming fine clothing. It is used for trimming plants, bushes, coats, etc. Needles ranging from 9 to 12 number, Jarjat, Muslin, Kareb, Arcandi, and synthetic clothes are used for a chest.

They can also be used for threading pearls. There are two types of needles. A long needle is used for trimming clothes. The thread insert hole in this needle is long and big and it is also strong. The second type of needle is short. The thread insert hole in it is small. This is used in gent's clothing. This needle is thick and strong.

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