Sewing machine maintenance

 Sewing Machine maintenance

Like the human body, it is very important to maintain the machine according to the rules. Just as a human being works for eating - drinking, sleeping - waking, bathing - washing, in the same way, taking care of the machine properly can take years and years to work with the machine.

If little attention is paid to the machine, it can be kept in good condition with a little effort. After running the machine, keep it clean after giving it some time, then the machine will not leave you with it. 

Sewing machine

The machine should always be covered, otherwise small fine pebbles with dust and mud penetrate into it and when you start using the machine you will find that

1. The machine is running heavy.

2. The machine is starting to assemble the fabric.

3. The machine has started flakes.

4. The machine is starting to break thread.

5. Machine backings are damaged.

6. The chain of breakage has started.

Seeing all these problems in front of you, you will get upset and immediately run to a mechanic, but you should come to deal with such problems yourself. You must be aware of the minor problems with the sewing machine.

Many of these defects are born without care. Here we are making you aware of any defects arising in the machine. By understanding this, you will avoid trouble.

Heavy machine run

1. The oil in the machine must not have been given properly and on time.

2. Once the machine shuttles and the thread is stuck in the box.

3. When threads or threads are trapped in soft fibers. 

4. Thread-filled spindle ring fitted with flywheel.

5. If the goods of the foot machine are tight.

For all these reasons it becomes natural for the machine to run heavily. By removing these faults, you can restart your machine properly.

Sewing Thread break

1. The needle is not properly placed

2. The thread in the machine is not threaded correctly.

3. If a thread is wrapped on the spool pin.

4. The needle is fine and thread thick.

5. The thread is raw or old.

You can get rid of this problem only after observing all these things carefully.

Inner Thread breakage

1. Shuttle race box spring screw is tightened.

2. If the thread is not equal to the above.

3. When the dirt or thread gets stuck in the shuttle. Due to all these reasons the machine starts breaking thread.

Why does Bakhia damage

1. The needle is not properly attached.

2. Thread not conforming to the fabric.

3. The thread at the top or bottom is too loose or too tight.

4. When the pressure of pressure foot does not fall properly.

5. When the thread is stuck in the bobbin case.

6. The tip of the needle has worn off.

Thus the main reasons for spoilage are in front of you; Overcome them.

Why does the cloth shrink

It is often seen that sometimes the fabric starts to gather while sewing, which makes it feel that there is a heavy fault in the machine, but it is not so. Read the following points and remove those faults.

1. When the needle is crooked.

2. The point of a needle is not right.

3. When the foot pressure is more or less.

4. The tension of the thread is high.

5. There should be a disparity between the top and bottom threads.

6. Shuttle point is broken.

7. When the pressure foot (foot) is worn out, it does not move the cloth forward, because that part becomes smooth.

Needle break

There are several reasons for repeated breakage such as:

1. The needle is crooked.

2. The pinch is not tightened properly while applying the needle.

3. When the shuttle is rubbed.

4. After pulling the cloth from the moving machine, by doing this, the needle becomes crooked and instead of going into the needle hole, it is applied to the needle plate.

5. The yard is worn out or becomes crooked.

6. On the loosening of the rash.

7. The flat part of the needle is outwards.

If you look carefully, then you can get rid of the problem of breaking the needle by fixing the reason shown in these reasons.

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