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Type of pocket

  1. Some type of pocket  is given bellow
  2. Pocket (pocket):
  3. Link - Pocket:
  4. Patch - Pocket:
  5. Cut-pocket:
  6. Flap - Pocket:
  7. Cross-pocket: 
Pocket (pocket):

Pockets are usually required on every class of clothing. Be it children's wear or women's or men's wear. Pocket has its own place on clothes. Many clothes are not made without pockets. Different types of pockets are placed on clothes. Now pay attention to the pockets of different forms.

Link - Pocket:

It is fitted within the joint in pocket pants or gusset design clothes. In this, the fabric is cut or braided separately in both buds for the convenience of the fabric.

Patch - Pocket:

This pocket is always placed separately on top of the cloth. Patch-pockets are also made in men's shirts, bushtars, and women's and children's costumes. It is advisable to sew the plain pocket with the lining first. This pocket is made both round and square. 

Special attention should be taken to the roundness in the round pocket. It is also necessary to have the same shape of corners in square pockets. Pocketing should always be done after marking the clothes correctly. 

It would be better to first deposit it on the clothes with the help of raw stitches and then attach the machine. Always put a patch-pocket on the striped and checked clothes, making it with the opposite stripe or check, it looks more beautiful and attractive.


This pocket is also known as a slant pocket. It has oblique pockets. To make a cut-pocket, the place of the cloth should be ripped with the point of the scissors and make a pocket bag inward, with the help of a double elongated bandage. Its ends should be covered with trumpets or buckles.

Flap - Pocket:

Patch - The lid above the pocket is called a flap. A round flap is placed in a round-pocket and a square-flap is placed in a square-pocket. The flap is double folded and the pocket mouth is opened within this joint. 

The corners of the lower pocket should be sealed with strong stitches before placing the flap. After making sure, the corners of the pocket should also be fixed by depositing a flap on the pocket.


Cross-pocket is placed in the neck of a neckerchief, skirt, or cropped frock. It has a slanted texture. Hence it is known as cross-pocket. It is also applied as 'cut-pocket' and 'patch-pocket'

Most of the 'pockets' are put in women's pants. In this pocket, a bag of the same shape is made within the pant. Patch-pocket 'is put on the clothes of girls and children as you know that' patch-pocket 'is placed on top of the clothes. In 'Cut-Pocket', a bag is inserted in the inner side like a link-pocket and no stitch is visible above. 

Should be trumped with a face in the cut-pocket. Similarly, a patch - pocket is made by stitching up. After adding a lining to the open part, after adding it, the tux should be reversed and the top should be decorated for decoration. 

If the cloth is thick, it should not be lining. Sloping piping should be applied over its open area or a fine bandage should be put. After placing the bakhiya on the edges of the outer circle, it should be deposited with the hand stitches above the pant. After that, the belt and side part should be pressed into the joint.

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