Oiling of sewing machine

Just as every human being, every living organism, and every tree - the piths require adequate dosage, in the same way, the machine parts are also in constant need of oil, and in the absence of this, the machine becomes sick and slowly its Parts become useless.

There are many important parts of the machine, where oil is very important. Adding oil to the machine increases its lifespan. To keep the machine fine, it is also necessary that the machine should be given oil properly and periodically.

sewing machine

Due to the lack of oil in the machine, many types of defects also occur in the machine. You are aware that all parts work only with each other's cooperation. They also have friction. That is why it is natural to have a voice.

Oiling of sewing machine

If the machine does not run-heavy and reduces noise, oil is poured into many important parts of the machine. Sometimes, due to not running the machine for a long time, it starts running heavily.

Whenever the sewing machine is not to be used for a few days, then the machine should be cleaned thoroughly so that the dust - dirt on the machine parts does not get stuck on the components. Later, he has to face a lot of difficulties while cleaning it.

After cleaning the machine, put two drops of oil on the main parts and keep the machine covered. To give oil to the machine, a total of thirteen holes are made at the top and fifteen holes at the bottom, only oil is given in them.

Oil should be given with the help of a plastic or tin flask. This causes the oil to go to the teak site. With the help of Kuni, pour only one or two drops of oil. A white plate should be removed to pour oil into the needle's needle and in the tip of the leprosy

Oil should be given after pouring it. Oil should be given in the yard only when the needle's yard is just below. In addition to this, all moving pups should be given oil. It is very important to give oil in machine shuttles too.

After giving oil, the machine should be run for some time so that oil runs in all the joints. While running an empty machine, the "pressure foot" of the machine should be lifted up carefully so that the raiders are not worn out. Then put a thread in the needle and stitch it on a rough cloth.

This will put excess oil on the clothes and come out. Oil is also to be applied to machine parts as well as notch parts of foot machines.

In the foot machine, it is very essential and important to apply oil on both ends of the treadle, wheel bearings, and notch joints connected with the stand and the rod connecting the wheel, although the machine moves well if the legs are heavy Do this so that the moisture on the pus is removed.

Then after placing oil in the machine, keeping it in the sun for some time, the machine starts running lightly. Along with the machine, it is necessary to clean and handle everything that comes in the work of sewing.

Such as scissors, inch-tape, reels, pins, buttons, hooks, elastic, needles, etc. For these, you should keep a box or bag so that when the time comes, things can get in place and do not face any kind of difficulty.

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