Different type of clothing looks

 Different type of clothing looks

Traditions of India have taken many colors of diversity. Many foreign colors have also been mixed in it in the form of modern fashion as if it has been associated with this country for centuries. Looking at modern costumes, it is difficult to say that in which dress, from where, how much was taken, how much was given, and how many places a mixture exists in one place, it is difficult to say anything about it. Modern fashion is not ready to accept such a thing. 
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In Indian culture, except for nudity, everything else can be molded, mingled, and adopted. This has been our specialty. In today's era, there is a competition for modernization of antiquity and Indianisation of foreign fashion. Tate dresses or tribal designs of rural areas, be it of any state or foreigner of India, are not only selected as per their wish, but they are also modified and renewed as per their wish. Fashion is the name of newness and freshness. 

We are presenting here an example of some such multicolored costumes, which are a unique confluence of modernization of antiquity, Indianisation of Indianness, and their renovation by taking or merging several local styles, ie unity in diversity.

Number 1 - 
Take Garra's suit first. It is a popular Muslim style dress prevalent in Aligarh, Lucknow, Banaras, Bhopal, and Hyderabad but today this dress has become popular all over Central India and North India. Weddings - at weddings or special parties, silk-garage suits are now made on sight, which has a unique shade, while gowns and salmahs - adorned with stars and leave their dazzle.

Number 2 - 
Sharara Suite is a modern upgrade of Garra Suite. In this, Sharara is made diagonally encircled like an ambrella skirt and the design of the shirt can be changed to any new design as per your wish.

Number 3 -
The Paschottar style of the lungi suit may have been out of fashion but occupies a prominent position in the modern export trade, due to which new specimens of this dress are still being developed, which are adopted in the same way.

Number 4 -
Salwar or Churidar Pajama may have been a Muslim dress before but now it has become an Indian dress in the form of Punjabi style and Lucknowi style. For sports, salwar has been adopted as the national dress. It is always trending as a tight dress. There is never any out of fashion.

Number 5
The 'bonnet', worn with an Ambrella cut skirt, sleeveless blouse, maxi, and hers, is a perfectly Western-style adopted dress. Today in the form of fancy dress and in terms of diversity, many such dresses have become the first choice of girls.

Number 6 -
In contrast, is the dress taken from the Rajasthani countryside. In the same way, the lehenga, shirt, and bandhje are worn up to the ankles, like the pants. These fancy dress dresses have now become the subject of competition

Number 7 -
The kamdar lehenga, zari ki Kurti and gotta have a unique blend of Rajasthani Chunri Marwari style, which has joined the race of modern costumes. In weddings and festivals today, even modern women can be seen adorned in this amateur costume.

 Number 8 -
The fashion of parallel suits has become a symbol of modernity today. The 'top' is often left in parallel suits, but here too, the strangeness has been resorted to for the use of novelty. Like a long shirt with salwar, it is not only sleeveless but also has been leveled from one side to the salwar. A dupatta is also put on the shoulder like a salwar with a parallel. All this is done not to surprise but to attract the anthem

Number 9 -
The woolen Khadi coat is made from Purvanchal style shawl, on which the impression of colorful handloom weaving of Manipur, Assam, and Nagaland is evident. In the new mod fashion, many things of tribal areas have been adopted as they are, or by shuffling something.

Number 10 -
It is a mod fashion West Indian mixed dress. Its skirt is neither as long as the skirt nor the skirt is maxi-like. It can be called a midi skirt. The top of it is made from a sample of Rajasthani Kurti with Gota piping. To attract the attention of people, such strange combinations have become fashionable today.
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