Collars and type of collar

 Collars and type of collar. I am sharing a short idea about the collar & collar verities. Collars are called collars above the neck of a garment. In men's clothes, the collar is attached to some hard, which is seen to be standing. Bookworm is put on their collar. These change according to fashion and design. 

Collars and type of collar

The collars used in women's and girls' garments are somewhat different from those of men's callers. Frocks and furrows have large size collars, which are soft. 

In some shirts, the collar is fitted like a shirt. Now girls have started wearing shirts and T-shirts in the same way as boys, in which less wide bandage and less pointed collar are used. The following different types of collars are more popular

1. Round Collar)

 Women and children wear round collars. This collar is also decorated with piping or lacy. Its front and rear part are cut into two separate parts. Next to this - parts of the wipe are added while making the shoulder. The part of the throat is bent and the inside is piped or piping is applied. There are several types of shapes that can be given on the front of this collar.

2. Clown collar

This collar is of clowns. Many corners are drawn on this collar like a star. This collar looks beautiful in small children's clothes. In addition, it is also used in frocks and tops of young girls. A button-hinge or zip is attached to open the backside of this collar. Different colors in front and back appear more beautiful.

3. Flat collar

This caller is unlike other callers. This collar is fitted without a band. This collar is used on both round and V-shaped lugs. The fall of the side of this collar starts falling Is, while it remains standing till some back of shoulder joint. Anything can be put ahead of it. The exterior of such callers can be placed around, pointed, or erosive. This collar is called a flat type collar because it is flat near the shoulders.

4. Tennis collar

This collar is similar to a shirt collar. There is no special difference between a tennis collar and a shirt collar. The width of this collar is more than the shirt collar and the length of this collar is about one centimeter than the shirt collar. Is kept low. 

This collar is not on the front band. For this reason, a tie cannot be tied on this collar and a button is not placed on the top. In this collar, a band shirt is attached like a collar. The tie is not tied due to the length and width of the width. 

Most of these types of collars are worn in night suits, busherts, etc. This collar is also used in women's clothes. In this collar, the band is made by bending the lower part of the collar without putting it separately. Stitches are applied on the top. Figure 4 shows the tennis collar without a band,

5. Shirt collar

Shirt collars used in men's shuttles have been used for a long time. Whether it is a shirt worn within a coat or an office shirt, this collar is mostly used. The same collar is used in readymade shuts. Now, this collar is also being used in girls' clothes.

Stitches are attached. Trumpets are made with an inner collar. Then the outer joint of the corner is cut like the marks on one side. The collar is then reversed.

6. Straight collar

It is called a tennis collar, which is worn on women's clothes. It is a combination of tennis collar and shirt collar. This collar is applied to the bandage, but both ends of the bandage are attached together. The band attached to it is slightly less wide. It is slightly longer and less wide than the tennis collar.

7. Shawl collar

This collar is put in those clothes, in which one front of the cloth is a few cm on the other. Climbs, such as a gown. The front of the gown is applied to one screen by wrapping another over. In addition to the gown, the same collar is used in the ladies' housecoat. 

The big screen of the gown is made by turning. The second part is fitted with a small screen in the facing form. Laces or piping are placed on the edges of its curtains. Light embroidery can also be done.

8. Umbrella collar

It is made similar to a clown collar. A bandage is not put in it. Mostly this collar is used in women's skirts and girls' siege frocks. If the frock is kept high, the width of the collar is 7 to 12 cm. Is kept. It is decorated with frills, frills, etc.

9. Band with frill

This collar is mostly used in children's wear. This collar is made by putting lace, jhala on the bandage. Laces of about 2-2V2 times length are applied as a welt from the bandage. In addition to the encasement, pleats or plates can also be made. It is then stitched along the neck of the garment. Figure 9 shows a welt band and its draft. The width of the frill is 2-21 cm. Is not kept more than.

10. Rolled hand

It occurs as a collar band. Its width is about 8 cm. it occurs. Its length is N / 2-1 cm. It is carried on the neck. It is usually made with a diagonal cloth. If it is kept open from the back, the two parts overlap each other. 

A hook or button is attached to the open part. It is made beautiful and attractive by cutting different types of designs on its edges or by putting a frill.

11. Peter pan collar

This collar is usually placed in frocks for young children. It is wide at the front and thin at the back. It is similar to a round collar. It is cut into four parts and sewed into two parts. The middle point of the front throat is known and is kept together and stitched with raw stitches.

12. Sailor collar

This collar is used in the uniform of maritime soldiers. The front of this collar is similar to 'V' and all the back is round or chorus. The draft drawing of the cellar caller is applied the same.

13. One piece collar

In this collar, the front part which appears open is of one piece. There is no addition to it. For this reason, it is called One Piece Collar. This collar is used in children's wear and youngsters' t-shirts and bushtars. Its draft is shown in Figure 13.

14. Nehru cut band

 This is a simple shirt. Due to the wearing of a specific person, this Kurta has become popular in his name. It is made of two types. Banded and no banded. It is made from Khadi, Papalin, Boski silk, etc.

 There is no pressure. 2 cm only for turning The cloth is kept. Normal its width is 4 cm. It is, but it is not necessary. It can be reduced or increased. This band is also put in women's clothes in addition to men's. 

But the difference between the two is that in men's clothes the band is open at the front, in which buttons are attached. But in women's clothes, the band opens from the back. There are two types of pointed and rounded edges of the band.

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