Spinning traverse motion


By the help of motion a dvnamic part of a machine moves in a to an fro motion, then this movement is called reversing motion. In the package winding by the help of this motion is wound symmetrically in a package.
Traversing methods are two types :
1. Reciprocating motion
2. Rotating motion


Motion By this motion, moving parts of a machine is passed a fixe distance and within a several time, it re-back starting positions. This motion is given by the hclp of cam. Traversing rod is connected with cam. By the rotation of the cam moving parts of the machine gets to and fro motion This motion is performed in two mechanisms.
(a) A single guide rod and cam serving many winding spindles
(b) A guie rod an cam for both spindles.

Traverse motion

Rotating Motion 

Rotating motion is completed by the rotation of a groove drum. On the surface of drums there contain grooved shape and yarn package is wound and rotates with the surface of grooved drum.
(a) Grooved roller with single grooves. TGACADE
(b) Grooved roller with multiple grooves.

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