Knitting is one of the processes converting raw material into the fabric. In knits either it is warp knits or weft knits. (In woven it's the combination of warp and weft) People in India called Hosiery.
it's wrong as Hosiery means hose ( pipe) when anyone says Hosiery it means socks, slacks, vest ( without side seam) Weft knitting is also known as circular knits In knitting, we normally ask in which gauge this fabric is made of.
The number of needles in 1" is called it's gauge Finer gauge is 28 (tee-shirt) are made in this gauge. If the number is less e.g. 18 it's coarser. There are different machines eg sin- gal Jersey fabric is made with one set of needles in the cylinder of the machine.


When we say interlock fabric it's made of 2 sets of needles.
in interlock, this fabric is made with 2 sets of needles short and long in cylinder & similar in dial 2 set of needles l.e long & short. If we remove one set of needles from cylinder & dial fabric becomes rib 1 x 1, this is used for neck& sleeve of tee-shirt.

Nowadays it is added with spandex or eglantine. ( people says Lycra pl note Lycra is a brand name) In rib fabric front and back looks same but if one is adding elastane there is a indication of front and back. if u pull the fabric and see shine elastane this will be back or inner part, another side will not show shine elastane & that is shell side or outer side of the fabric
There are different type of knits: S.jersey, interlock, jacquard, eyelets, drum machine, and many more There are different names were given to the type of knits e.g polo- pique which is very famous for men's tee-shirt.

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