Metallic carding cloth

Metallic carding cloth

These are continuous. Self supporting flat wire structure in which teeth is cut at the smallest spacing by process resembling a punching operation. They do not need any base material or foundation. The wire as no knee. Metal surface of m/c acts as metallic foundation If the teeth are relatively largely used or example as in the Licker-in. Then the clothing is referred to as saw tooth clothing Now-a-days the Licker-in, main Cylinder & doffer are without exception clothed with metallic clothing. The application f metallic card clothing onto spinning carding m/c has no limits & is used in the production of low medium & high quality yans

 carding cloth

Advantages and Disadvantages of metallic carding cloth 

Advantages and Disadvantages of carding cloth are given bellow

Metallic Clothing Advantages: 

1. Does not require separate foundation material. The metal surface of the m/c works as foundation
2. Material As teeth & foundation material are both metallic, there is no possibility of "teeth loose".
3. Can choose any carding angle
4. Does not require regular grinding
5. No change of tooth angle due to carding action and so no need of grinding. Again fibre does not -embed to teeth & so need of stripping As a result, save much time.
6. Saved 3% good fibre & increase production 18-20 % due to no need of stripping & grinding


1. Carding action is not better due to less point density
2.  Fibre damage is mere as the wire points are metallic.
3. Difficult to repair in the mill when a portion of it is worn out.
4. If any part of the wire is damaged, then the total clothing is rewind.
5. Expensive
6. Not suitable to prepare finer count
7. Liberates more fly pollutes air
8. Requires higher starting torque

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