Carding clothing

Carding clothing

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In carding m/c, different parts (ie. Licker-in, Cylinder. Doffer & flats) are covered with different typ of wire which are known as card clothing
To cover the surface of Licker-in Cylinder doffer & flat carding m/c with the help of a number of unlimited fine, closely spaced & specially bented wire is call card clothing.
The wire points are inserted on the m/c surface by means of a base material or foundation Base material may be of textile fabric or may be of some other material which is very hard & stiff

Types of carding clothing:

Card clothing is divided into three group
1. Flexible clothing
2. Semi-rigid clothing.
3. Metallic clothing

Flexible carding clothing

These have hooks of round or oval wire set into elastic, multiply cloth backing. Each hook is U-shape & is formed with a knee that flexes under bending load & returns to its original posit the load is removed. Flexible clothing is used in cylinder flats & doffer. In short staple spinning r clothing is now found only in the stripping roller


1. Higher point density, so better carding action.
2. Fibre damage is less due to flexible wire point
3. Only the damaged part of the clothing is needed to be prepared
4. Exerts desirable force on cotton causing good carding
5. Less expensive
6. Finer varn count can be prepared. Of good


1. Requires textile fabric or rubber as foundation material.
2. The wires can be loosened
3. Production less due to stripping
4. Neps regular grinding
5. Wire& foundation material may get damage because of they are both flexible
6. Fibre becomes lose for grinding action
7. Any carding angle cannot be chosen.

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