Major setting point of carding with their effect

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1. Lap guide to feed roller:

Settings: 3/4"-1"
Effects: It controls the selvedges of web. Higher distance make bad selvedge

2. Feed roller to Licker-in:

Settings: 9- 12 Thio
Effect: For higher staple. heavy lap, setting will be wider Excessive impurities in lap. setting will be closer

 carding  setting

3. Mote knife to Licker-in:

A. Bottom 12-15 Thio. (Closcr setting for heavy dusts) .
B. Top 10 Thio. (Wider setting for less impurity)
Effects: The sctting should be sufficiently elose to remove heavy impurities on the Licker-in surface If the setting is too wide the mote knives operate inefficiently

4. Licker-in to Cylinder:

Setting: 7 Thio
Effect: The object of this setting is to transfer the fibres to the cylinder& enable the Licker-in to present clean teeth to the lap fringe. An unreasonably wide selling would not ensure removal of the cotton from the R-in & in an extreme case, if the Licker-in became covered with cotton, its action of taking small tufts of material from the lap which would be performed inefficiently & neps would be formed rd Back plate to Cylinder:

4. Back plate to Cylinder:

Bottom 12 Thio
Top  10 Thio
Effect: It influences the air current. Wider setting. high air current, which makes cloudy web.

5. Flat to Cylinder:

Setting: 10 Thio
Effect: Normal & heavy production ensure this setting. For light sliver closer setting. tends to produce cleaner web where an exclusive wide setting result in insufficient removal of neps & in web. Sometimes 5 points setting occur. For synthetic fibre. Setting will be wider

6. Doffer to Cylinder:  

Setting: 5 Thio
Effect : The object of this setting is to take all god cotton from evildoer to doffer. A wider setting may be many fibres go round the cylinder unnceessarily more times & wcaken by the time they are transferred to doffer & a cloudy web will result. These closer setting will damage each other & leading hook mav result.

 7. Licker-in to Licker-in undercasing:

Setting: 5/16"
Effect: If the setting is too wide, a loss of fibre may occur. Close setting increases the fibre extraction with the waste

8. Cylinder to Cylinder undercasing:

Setting :
1. Back 12 Thio
2. Middle 32 Thio
3. Front 64 Thio
Effect: These setting influence air currents & production of fly & too wide setting causes loss of good fibre All settings are done by leaf gauge

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