Dyeing foult of woolen fibers

Dyeing foult of woolen fibers:

Woolen fibers are dyed as most threads, for this, the use of fine dyeing machine or cabinet dyeing machine is used. In this type of coloration the flaws can come down
1. Improper shade
2. Yarn Tendering in thread
3. Felting
4. Shrinkage
5. Retail
6. Washing fastness of colors and not sure in color.
7.  Lights fastness
dyeing defect

Improper shade

The main reasons for this are given below.
1. If the wool thread is not properly scanned, then it remains because of which the shed is not found.
2. Even if the immortal pigtails remain alkali in the yarn, the shed is not well.
3. Do not choose sandy colors.
4. Putting large quantities of yarn in the machine for dyeing.
5. Dyeing process is not complete and many times in color and color of chemicals are kept while the temperature is not controlled.
6. p. H. Do not stay right.
7. Extend temperature very fast.
8. If there is more alkaline hardness in the water then this defect may also occur.

9. Hanger in the machine. Dyeing stains before pipe line etc. have to be stained or dyeing in first heavy shed and later dyeing in a light shed.
10. Do not squeeze the threaded threads well.
11. The colors which are not fixed in brightness and lightness, they become faded by sunlight or drying in the dryer.
12. Finding different types of fibers in a thread bundle

13. Switching power during dyeing, the machine stops.
14. The circulation of the color solution in the machine is not well.

Tendering in thread

 The main reasons for this are given below;
1. Selling in the solution of Concentrated liqueur.
2. Staying of sulfuric acid in the currents at the time of carbonizing.
3. To get the right shade again - Due to dyeing also brings this flaw

Felt in thread

In this the thread of the thread decreases and the thread is full. The reasons for this are:
1. The length of the fibers is short, there is a lot of hairiness in the thread. Fibers are very thick. be coarse
2. Use in quantity of dyeing in excess quantity.
3. Reduction in thread.
4. Again - redyeing it again.


It has been observed that after dyeing the thread is either shrinking or its shape worsens, due to the following:
1. Taking excessive stress
2. Tearing the thread is not right
3. Dyeing at high temperature for long, it becomes Curl in the thread. This can also be due to the threads from different types of woolen fibers.


This defect is mostly due to the thread:
1. Making thread by mixing different woolen fibers.
2. Elkley's stay in the thread.

No washing & rubbing fastness:

The reasons for this are given below
1. Do not use good colors and chemicals.
2. The colors do not have proper exposure.
3. Dyeing chemicals at different times in the vessel at different temperatures.
4. Failure to absorb the fibers is not well.
5. Do not rush well.
6. Dyed the yarn in more quantity by filling it in the machine.
7. Dyeing in a heavier shed.
8. Topping in the last process, etc.

Lights fastness :

It depends on the following:
1. Do not choose the right colors.
2. Acid color is not very solid in light.
3. Combination of the right colors. Not being

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