Defects in sulfur dyeing

Defects in sulfur dyeing:

Sulfur dyeing can also result in various types of defects such as:
1. Tendering
2. Unlevel or no uniform dyeing
3. Oxidation mark
4. Shade's banishment to be raw in rubbing
5. Retailing in clothes

Due to all these defects are given below

dyeing fault

1. Tendering

A. After being oxidized with color, sulfur or sulfuric acid Which is harmful for cellulose fibers.

B. Let the clothes remain in the warehouse for a long time after dyeing.

C. Do not wear dyeing cloth properly, due to which the sulfuric acid does not come out with cloth.

2. Uneven dyeing and oxidation marks:

A. Reduce the strength of sodium sulphide.
B. Use sodium sulphide in small quantities.
C. Do not completely disappear at the time of the announcement of sodium sulphide.
D. Fluctuation in temperature.
E. If the colors have not been mixed properly
F. The colors are not good.
G. The chemicals used in oxidation are not cured.
H. Do not play clothes properly during the dyeing in the machine.


This defect mostly comes in heavy sheds. The reasons for this are given below:
A. More time interval between dyeing and washing. 
B. Use of low sodium sulphide
C. Use the quantity of salt in the amount.
D. The oxidizer used during oxidation is not able to properly wash.
E. Do not get out of the way of sodium sulphide
F. Iron and copper singing in water is high.

4. Raw color of rubbing:

A. On the type of color
B. Lowering the strength of sodium sulfide
C. With the ability to reduce the absorption of clothes.
D. With no clothes washing facility.
E. With no use of flax in washing.
F. Dyeing Steve instead of doing it in the iron character.
G. By mixing colors or chemicals in the machine repeatedly
H. It has also been seen that in the finishing, if the use of catalytic finishing agent is used, then the rudder of the fabric decreases.
I. Do not mix the color solution properly and the proportion of the fluid is not correct.

5.Retailing in clothes:

A. The sodium sulfide experiment in excessive quantity, which does not come out completely in the proclamation.
B. Being heavy shade
C. Without wearing the clothes properly
E. Do not use anionic softening agent in finishing.
F. Not using the waiting ant

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