Defects in polyester dyeing

Defects in polyester dyeing:

During the dyeing of the polyester disperse, the defects given below can be found: |

(A) listing

1. Due to non-recovery of heat setting:
If the heat setting is not correct, then the defect may be given below:
(i) Listing of both: Due to this defect there is a difference between the center and the shade on the shore.
(II) Very much in the fabric. Changes in dimension

The above impedance is not unusual heat setting, the heat setting is not complete (Example: the temperature in each chamber is not the same), the temperature is low due to the correct steam, the thickness of the fabric which is to be set in the heat, the heat setting machine speed According to the proportion of mixed fibers in the fabric, the heat setting can not be done due to non-overflowing speed.

dyeing defect

Check whether the cloth is properly set is done by checking the below given procedure.
(i) All the sides in the chamber can do the test thermal paper or not.
(ii) 100 cm on cellulose (selvedge) to check the correct over feed Mark a mark and after the heat set, the mark applied to the display is printed. Generally after heat set, it is between 95 to 97 cm. (2% to 5%) but it's over how much over sores. Has been depending on it.
(iii) Determination of Dimensional Stability of Heat Set Cloth. It should be less than 1%.

2. Listing error can occur even if the witching is not good. The main reasons for not batching are given below.
(i) Very baked batch
(ii) Loose weighting
(iii) Clothing at the time of weaving
(iv) The width of uneven fabric width.

3. There is no fault in the mix of different fibers in mixed fabrics, there is no proper twist in the neck. The counting in the hoarse counting can also cause a lingering flaw.
4. Due to occasional defects in the machine (such as in beam dyeing machine) I cause listing defects. The main reasons for this defect are:
(i) The pressure of the flow of fluid inside and outside the inside is not right.
(ii) Leakage of pressure and closing of pores, Dod in pump etc.

 (B) Poor Color Fastness to Washing & Rubbing:

Although dips are very hard to wash and rub, but sometimes. In these, there is a complaint that the colors are not confirmed, some reasons are given below.
(i) To reduce the temperature of the dyeing character, apply the color to the dyeing character. For example, if we are dyeing at 130 degree centigrade and we have to put some colors and then we should reduce the temperature of dyeing otherwise the color will not be caught.
(ii) Dyeing at a temperature below the correct temperature.
(III) Do not insert a dispersing agent.
(IV) To be more prone to clothing (Halriness)
(v) Do not choose the right colors.
(Vi) Thermosol dyeing should have the ability to absorb the colors on the cloth and the curing should be fine with it.
(VII) If the color is not fully exposed during dyeing by carrier method, then there was less hope of coloration and rubbing in color.
(VIII) Being water hardness also reduces the convergence of the colors being fixed.

Problem in getting right shade:

Polyester Differs Getting the right shade during coloring is a lot of hard work. The reason for this is that under 100 degrees, the cloth does not own its own road and it is very difficult to check the shed at 130 degree centigrade, which can result in the following shade flaws.
1. Shade being light
2. Changes in Tone for Shade
3. Do not meet a similar shade.
4. Show whiteness in the shade
5. Forming stains or rings

The reasons for the shortages mentioned above are given below:
1. Career in a large amount of career dyeing.
2. Carrying the carrier down from the optimum temperature or making it dry and dissolve in water
3. Staying steam during carrier dyeing sticks on.
4. Mostly dyeing, in the dyeing machine, the mild sheds are in heavy sheds. If dyeing can be done in a light shade after heavy shade, then the shade can be blamed.
5. If a shade is to be prepared with two or more colors, then it should be noted that the combination of colors is fine.
6. Color should be doled at a little temperature - at very low temperature.
7. During the dyeing, the uneven vertebrates in the temperature can also be the reason for not getting the correct shed.
8. The pH, if not fine, the shade will not get better
9. If shades of different mills have been used while making cloth, then the shade will be uneven after dyeing.
10. If there is oily oil in the cloth, then the shed is not even good.
11. Sometimes the flaw comes from the fault in the machine.

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