Prepare design on trace paper for printing

The method of screen preparation in screen printing:

The most popular method of making the lawn is photographic method. In this method, the finer fabric of silk, isolation or polyester is used. First of all, the fabric is made on a wooden or metal frame. 

The fabric which is extracted in the frame, is cut, and sticks the fabric out of the edges with the help of tape on the frame.
After this, they paint the whole frame with Lacquer, which makes it waterproof. After this the frame is well-mixed with hot water.


If there is any tension in the clothes of the screen by washing with hot water then the body is finished. After that dry the screen.  After drying down on the screen. Casting from any solution passed.

Designing on trace paper

 Every one color in printing has to make a separate design screen. As if there is a full-leaf design, a screen will need a separate screen to print the full color red and to print the leaves green.

 To make this design on the screen, it is necessary to first design a trace paper. 
Here, it has to be kept in mind that the design made on trace paper is made of blackleg, so that the light can not be passed through it. This design made on trace paper is called Positive.

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