Polyester and Cellulose blend Fibers: test

The ratio of the blend fibers

We know that no single lace cloth can produce all the qualities like strength, comfortable properties etc. It is therefore necessary that the properties of the need can be obtained by mixing different fibers.


We know that the strength in 100% polyester fibers is very high, but it is not comfortable because it has very little moisture content. Therefore, if it is mixed with cotton fibers then this reduction of polyester becomes complete. We can mix different types of fibers based on the things given below.
1. Getting different properties
2. According to changing fashion
3. Considering the price of fibers
It is very important to know the ratio of fibers in different fabrics. Some ways to get rid of the ratio of fibers to fabrics are given below.

Polyester and Cellulose blend Fibers Test:

For this Weighing .5 to 1.0 grams properly weighing the sample into a flask and putting 75% percent (W / w) sulfuric acid (M: L, 1: 200) in it and it will be given an hourly water bath at 50 + 5 degree centimeter (Water bath). After this, the filtrate which is left is the polyester.  Wash it well with water and neutralize it with thin solution of ammonia and weigh it by 110 drilling it on drying and cooling it. In this way, the percentage of polyester is gone, and what remains of the percentage given by 100 is the percentage of cellulose (cotton or viscose).

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