Cotton Mercerization

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The main object or mercerization is to improve luster. However, the process is  also carried out sometimes to enhance dye ability , to remove crease  mark and  remove naps from the fabric . 

The mercerization treatment consists of Swelling the cotton fibre with 20 to 23 % caustic Soda solution at room temperature under tension for specified duration. Tension during mercerization is necessary to improve luster.
Mercerization changes the following properties : It increases luster and reduces the axial ratio as shown

cotton Mercerization

Cross - Section of Cotton Fibre Before and After Mercerization

Microscopic observation shows that the cross - Section of cotton changes From elliptical to circular form, due to mercerization. This can he measured as a ratio of two axes  and  being longer than . The ratio / of unmercerized cotton is about 2. 2 to 2. 6 whereas that of mercerized cotton is about 1.5 to 1. 6.

Convolutions of the cotton fibres are removed duce to mercerization . The mercerized fibre when viewed under a microscope will look like a cylindrical tube . 

Mercerization increases reactivity and absorbency of cotton fabrics ( or chemicals , dyes , water , etc . and improves their tensile strength 

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