Getting the correct dyeing and printing

Getting the correct dyeing and printing

If we have to get the correct dyeing and printing, then we will be given below.

General Precautions:

1. If we have to get the same shade again, then we have all the conditions dyeing (conditions) such as temperature, time, color concentration. The record of the chemical, substance and water used during the dyeing (M: L ratio) etc. has to be kept.
2. During the dyeing the same chemical should be used, which is required.
3. We should not always use more chemicals than we need.
4. The chemicals used in all colors and colors should be thoroughly diluted in water.

5. Concentration of concentration should be done before putting it in the dyeing machine, otherwise the non-dissolved particles can spoil the color of the cloth by clinging to the fabric.

6. While dyeing the delicate fabric, it should be kept in mind that the newer does not run into the machine much longer, otherwise the pills and rugs will be drawn on such clothes.

7. If the temperature is higher than recommended (recommended) temperature while dyeing then the properties of countries and colors can be damaged.
8. All chemicals and colors that survive in the machine after dyeing should be thrown out or excavated in the drains that follow all the rules of the environment.


Choice of colors

Choosing the right kind of colors is very important for Dyer, not only for selecting colors in the right colors for color, but also selecting the correct colors in that class is very important.
It is also important to know that those made in separate meetings will give different results. Because this color can vary in Purity, particle size etc.

1. Therefore, the selections given below should be kept in mind while selecting colors. What color is to be taken for which fiber and which color to be dyed (such as atomosphiris, pad dech etc.)
2. Fastness of dyes.
3. The leveling property of colors, which tells how the color enters the ratio with ease and its migration properties.
4. What kind of shade (light or heavy) and how does color matching in its different types of light?
5. What is the comparability of different colors, and how different colors of behavior with different chemicals used in dyeing.

6.  What is the cost of colors and chemicals and whether it is easily available in the market. Are. It is also necessary to see that the color and chemicals used in the shade that we want to wear in color are available in our ga odam.

Apart from the above mentioned things there are some other things that are also important:

1. The physical condition of colors and chemicals such as the color that chemicals are in powders or in the eve stage. What is the size of their particles?
2. Solubility and dissolving substances remain stable for how long.
3. If there is a color of mixed clothes and the colors of a fiber do not leave the stains on other fibers.
4. Various shortcomings present in textiles can be found in dyeing or not

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