Due to the defects during dyeing:

Due to the defects during dyeing:

Do not prepare fibers or fabrics properly dyeing and printing

1. Uneven heat treatment
2. Absolutely absence of impurities.
3. Sticking to insoluble materials on textiles.
4.The ability of Absorbency not to be properly.
5. Mortising is not right.
6. Sinsing is not right.
7. Don't miss out properly.
8. Humidity (moisture) is not right.
9. Being of dead fibers in clothing or other poor fibers!
10. Staying on the clothes of chemicals after bleaching in clothes.
 dyeing defect

Due to water

1. Higher hardness of water.
2. In the water, there are metallic ions such as iron etc.
3. Drink of water H. (pH) is not right
4. The amount of chlorine in water is high.
5. Any deficiency in water which is harmful

Dummies in color preparation during coloring

1. Do not take the weight properly of colors, textiles and chemicals.
2. Do not fix the proportions of water and water (M: L).
3. Dyeing the colors of concentrates before filing it properly.
4. Buying colors and chemicals from any other shop before which it has been purchased.

 Due to  machines 

1. Dyeing out of color dye during coloring
2.Fixing of equipment that is controlling the temperature, pressure, and machine speed etc. on the machine.

Due to lack of color:

At the time of the use of clothes, it is very necessary to wash most of the color of the clothes, in the light, in the rag, etc. It is also important to see that the colors used in the experiment will not be light in heat setting or other finishing processes. Apart from this, the cloth color should also be fixed in the dyeing

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