Cotton and viscose blend test

Cotton and viscose mixed fibers

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Method of cotton viscose blend test

In order to remove the percentage of fibers from it, the Indian Standards Department created four methods. is . These methods are:
1. 60% w / w Sulfuric Implementation Method
2. Sodium Zincate Method
3. Forumic Implants - Formic Acid & Zinc Chloride
4. Cadoxen Solution Method

Cotton and viscose blend test

Most of these use 60% w / w sulfuric method. In 0 5s 1. After weighing up to 100 grams of sample, add 60% w / w in the sulfuric acid. It has a ratio of 1: 100 to material and fluid. This solution runs well for 30 minutes by the traveler process. Viscose fibers dissolve from this process and the remaining fibers remain unused without fibers. Cotton fibers are removed and they are labeled as sulfuric acid. These fibers are then washed with water and in the last, washing it with a thin solution of ammonia hydroxide makes it negligible. After this, it is weighed and weighed. In this method the weight of cotton filament also decreases by 5 percent, which is done by fixing the correction factor

Polyester, cotton and viscose blend fibers test :

In this method, first 60% of the sulfuric compounds are applied to the fibers. 60% / w Sulfuric acid first dissolves in the process, after washing the remaining fibers thoroughly and drying. These fibers are then put in 75 percent of sulfuric acid, so that cotton fibers are dissolved. The remaining fibers are of polyester, which are well drained and then weighed. And then the percentage goes out

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