Ramie is another bast fibre, obtained from the bark of the plant Boehmeira nivea .The plant is a native of China, for which it is known as China grasses. 
This plant is also grown in India, Australia, America, Farmosa Japan, Brazil and Phillipines The plant requires a tropical climate, where winter temperature should be above freezing. 
The plant grows to a height of 1.0 to 3.0 meter with 'a diameter of approximately 8-20 mm thick) 

textile of ramie

Ramie is a perennial fibre, with a yield from two to five crops of fibre harvesting, when the lower part of the stalk funs light 'yellowish brown and the lower leaves matured by turning yellow and detachable. Harvesting is done by cutting the stalks.

The ramie fibre is oval like in cross-section with thick cell walls with a fine lumen. It is the longest of all the vegetable fibres. Wet strength of the fibre is high and also the fibre dries rapidly. 

In general, the fibre is strong stiff with silky luster. The fibre is used for sail cloth, ropes, fish nets, upholstery fabrics and paper-making.

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