Hemp fibre


It is another bast  fibre, which produces soft, flax like fibre.  The obtained from the stalk of the hemp plant 'Cannabis Sativa', which is grown extensively in India, China, ex-USSR, Germany, Japan, Turkey, Italy and France. The plant is usually 2-3 meter high and 1.5 mc thick.

hemp fibre


A moderately rich, friable, well drained sandy loam is the preferred soil. Adequate moisture with 60 mm to 75 mm rainfall per month during the growth of the plant is required. Seed is sown in rows with a space of about 12-15 cm between rows and 8-10 cm between plants.
Stalks are ready for harvesting, when the lower leaves just begin to turn yellow. The duration for sowing to harvesting is about 100 to 120 days. As usual, cutting is done at the particular time, when it is judged that the best quality of the fibre will result.


The properties of hemp fibre is similar like that of other bast fibres.  ropes, şail ând tent cloth, household clothing’s, threads, industrial and marine This fibre is regarded as a substitute for flax in yarn and twine.

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