Warping and Object of warping


The parallel winding of warp ends from many winding packages (cone or package (warp beam) on to a common is called warping

 Object of warping

The objects of warping are to convert a predetermined number of single end packages, such as cones or cheeses into a sheet of yarn of specified length& width. The individual ends in the warp are uniformly spaced across its full width. The warp yarns comprise one of the systems of yarns required to produce a woven fabric & also for warp knitting. The objective at warping, as erroneously considered by many is not at all to remove yarn faults, the breaks due to these being only incidental.

Textile warping

What warping should do

1. To form from a predetermined single end packages, such as cones or cheeses, a continuous sheet, of yarn of specified length and width.
2. The individual ends of the sheet should be spaced uniformly across its full width.
3. The density of wound yarn beam should be uniform across the width and from start to end of
4. All the ends in the sheet should be wound at almost uniform tension winding the sheet

What warping should not Do

1. Attempts should not be made to remove the yam faults during the process of warping the yam breaks during warping should be as minimum as possible
2. Density of the beam should be earn should be controlled not by increasing yam tension but by adjusting the pressure roll on the beam  case of spindle driven beam
3. The yams should not get damaged during warping -this can happen if the drum surface is not smooth and/or the parts in the yam path have cut marks
4. The yarn sheet or the beam should not have faults, such as missing ends, cross ends, slack ends fluff or wild yarn, high variation in tension between ends, damaged flangers etc that will cause end break or defects at subsequent processes.

Importance of warping

1. Constructions of beam warp yam
2. Constructions of a parallel yarn sheet.
3. Modifying the faults of yarn like thick & thin places, large knots etc.
4. Winding the predetermined length of yarn
5. Combination of small packages
6. Finding long length of warp yam Accelerating the next process..

Requirements of warping
1. The tension of all wound ends must be uniform & possibly constant during all the time of withdrawal from supply package.
2. Warp yarn should not impair the physical& mechanical properties of yarn.
3. The tension should be moderate to allow the yarn complete retain its clastic property .
4. Predetermined length of warping should be observed.
5. The production rate of warp yarn should be high.
6. The surface of warp yarn package must be cylindrical.

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