Defects and remedies of warping

Defects and remedies of warping

1. Lapped end

Cause: The broken and of yarn is not tied to the end on the warp beam & overlaps the adjoining yarn. The beam is not properly brake & the signal hook fails to operate
A.  Tying the broken cod to the end on the warp beam
B.  Proper signal hook

2. Piecing Cause:

One broken end is picked to another yarn end on the warping beam
Remedies: By proper joining

3. Soft ends on the warping beam

 Breakage of a group of ends & piecing them in bundle or by lapping. This defect is cause by the careless of the operator.
A. Careful operation
B. Broken and should be piece up properly 

4. Incorrect form of build

Cause: Caused by non uniform spreading of ends in the guide reed and its improper setting conical winding in case of non uniform pressure of the warping beam.
A. Uniform spreading of ends.
B. Appropriate setting.

5. Slacks & irregular yarn tension

Cause: It happens due to any one of these devices, ejection of yarn from under the disc of the yarn tensioning d of poor quality
A. Proper threading of tension device.
B. Good quality of tension device.

6. Broken ends on the beam

Cause: A group of ends is broken & tied as a brunch or worked-in with overlapping Remedies:
Broken ends should be removed.

7. Conical winding on the beam

Cause: It occurs due to incorrect load applied by the pressure roller
Remedies: Correct load applied.

8. Improper length of warping

Cause: It is due to malfunction of the counter & the brakes of the measuring device & warp beams.
Remedies: Good measuring device

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