Classification of warping

Classification of warping

Warping is mainly classify into three part
1. Beam Warping
2. Section Warping
3. Ball Warping

 Beam Warping

A. Yam is directly wound from cone onto the beam B. This process is suitable for single color weaving C. The end product is called warp beam and must sent to the sizing department for further process

Types of Beam Warping Machine

The warping machine  are classified according to the package drive, there are two basic types of the warping machines

(i)  Direct driven or the spindle driven in which yarn winding speed on to the beam increases as the diameter of the beam increases. Beam size is therefore limited due to the increase in yarn winding tension

(ii)  Surface driven, in which beam gets its motion while in contact with a drum, revolving at fixed rpm In this case yarn winding speed remains constant throughout the build of the beam.
Warping machine

Section Warping

1. Yam is wound firstly wound onto a drum and then wound onto the beam.
2. This process can be used for both single or multi color weaving.
3. The end product is called Weavers beam and can be directly installed onto the weaving loom.

Ball Warping

1. Ball warping is an intermediate process for storing yarn for transport, dyeing or reserve.
2. It does not produce a beam.
3. The usual form is a cross wound cheese in which multiple ends are wound at the same time in a ribbon which contains perhaps 50 or a 100 ends.

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