Cheese Winding

Cheese Winding

When parallel package are made, then it is called cheese or spool winding machine generally, cheese bobbins are made of wood or paper. It is called spool winding in jute mill and cheese winding in cotton mill. Wooden cheese bobbins are used in jute mill and paper cheese in cotton or other mill. A specific length and specific weight of yarn are wound in cheese bobbin or spool.



1.  Reciprocating traversing system.
2.  It rotates with surface contact.
3. There is only one cam to wound yarn on winding drum or may be separate cam is used for each drum.
4.  In cases of one cam, speed is moved from motor to machine by belt.
5. A traversing rod is attaché with cam.
6. A traversing guide is attached for each drum on the rod.
7. Traverse guide is used as yam guide
8. Winding yarn in wood or paper is dependent on the size of cam.
9. Motion, slub catcher and various tensioning devices are attached with cache machine

Working Principle:

(i) Gets motion from motor in one side of machine & cam shaft& drum shaft rotates by motor pulley
(i) Yarn supply gets from a bobbin & yarn go to the cheese or spool by yarn stop motion guide & yarn traversing guide
(ii) Since Cheese or spool are on holder & arc contact with drum cheese or spool rotates due to the friction of drum & holder & become winding on yarn cone.
(iv) This winding is controlled with yarn guide.
(v) Winding is stop with stop motion mechanism when yarn breakage.
(vi) When cheese or spool gets predetermined width, discrete from drum contact automatically & place new cone by taken out of the cheese or spool.

It is better to use separate cam than using only one cam, because if somehow the cam damaged, then fuel machine is stopped. On the other hand, In case of separate cam, if cam is damaged, then the winding yarn become that cam is stopped but other do not stop.

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