Yarn winding


Winding is the process of transferring yams from ring, bobbin, hank etc into a suitable pac be electrical or mechanical.
Warp cone, cheese, flanged bobbin.
Weft pirn, cop.

textile winding

 Object of winding

1. To transfer yam from one package to another suitable package, this can be used for further processes
2. To remove yarn faults like hairiness, nebs, slabs of foreign matters.
3. To clan yarn.
4. To improve the quality of yam.
5. To get a suitable package.
6. To store the yarn

Winding requirement

1. Minimum fault:
During winding always should be observed if yam fault become less (To minimize the yarn faults )

2. No damage of yarn:
There is a dame of yarn i.e. the yarn must not be damaged in any way in the winding process

3. Easy unwinding:
Yarn to be wound so that it can unwound easily.

4. Suitable size and shape of the package:
Size and shape should be proper

5. Economical condition:
The package size should be controlled the particular economic requirements.

 6. Avoid excess loosened and tightness:
Should be taken care.

7. Cheap cost of package:
The package should be cheap.  Above all the process must be profitable

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