Yarn tensioner device

Yarn tension device

 Certain amount of tension is necessary to be imparted to the yarn to produce a compact to enable the weak places to break. There are four types of Yarn tensioning devices.
(a) Lever type tension
(b) Gate type tension
(c) Disk type tension
 tension device
(d) Fixed post tension package and

Importance of tensioning device

Too high tension

 (a) Can damage the yarn
 (b) Breakage rate may greater
 (c) Elongation properties may change.

Too low tension:

(1.) Can lead to unstable or loose packages which will not unwind cleanly.
(2.) Variation in yarn tension in different parts of a wound package can cause undesirable effects.

For MMF:

Too high tension
(1.) Can cause molecular change which effects dye ability
(2.) Random variation in colour shading

 For Staple or Spun yarn:

 Too high tension
(1.) May breakage at thin place.
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