Sources of protein fibre

Sources of protein fibre

Proteins are naturally occurring compounds in the tissues of plants and animals. Protein fibres are generally occurred as epithelial growth as hair or animal secretion, Wool is the most important hair fibre, which makes up the fleece of domestic sheep, Some of the important hair fibres are :

(a) Wool               → from sheep
(b) Mohair            →  from angara goat
(c) Cashmere       → from Cashmere goat
(d) Camel hair      → from camel
(e) Rabbit fur        → from rabbit
(f) Horse hair        → from horse
(g) Alpaca, llama  → from ilama

 protein fibre

Another type of protein fibre is produced from the larvae of caterpillars when the cocoons are formed. These fibres are generally referred to as silk. Silk can be domesticated or wild. Some of the important wild silks are tussali, endi, eri, muga and fogara.

Sources of protein

Protein can be obtained from animal or vegetable sources, as it is the essential constituent of the tissues of plants and animals. There are many proteins present in plants and animals. However, there are only three proteins i.e., arachin, zein and glycinin from vegetable sources and casein from animal sources that are commercially exploited for fibre preparation.
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