Commercial type of cotton

Commercial type of cotton

 Cotton fibres are classified commercially according to the source they are obtained from as well as their staple length. There are six types o cotton available. Those are

(a) Sea Island cotton,
(b) Egyptian cotton,
(c) Brazilian cotton,
(d) American cotton,
(c) Indian cotton and
(f) China cotton

Sea Island cotton

Sea Island cotton comes originally from Barbadoes. Hence it has the name 'Gossypium Barbadense. It is the most important cotton and is grown in USA, Carolina, Georgia and Florida. It is a long, fine, soft and silky fibre. This cotton is more uniform with minimum variation in length or twist. The colour is of a light creamy tint. The staple length is around 5 cm or more.

Egyptian cotton

This cotton is available in Egypt and Middle East countries. These fibres are also long, fine, soft and silky like that of Sea Island cotton with slight inferior qualities. The staple length of these types of cotton is in between 3.7 cm to 4.5 cm 

Brazilian cotton

This cotton is also known as Peruvian cotton as it was originated from Peru and are available in Peru and Brazil. The colour is generally dull white to cream but some cotton are dull golden. The fibres are harsh and wiry to touch but elastic. The staple length is in between 3 cm to 4 crm

American cotton

 The staple length of this cotton is between 2.5 cm to 3.5 cm.

Indian cotton

 American cotton is grown in USA and in the south of North America this cotton is available in India. The quality is generally poor with lower staple and coarser diameter. This cotton is generally white in colour. The staple length is in the range of 2 cm to 3 cm.

China cotton

 This type of cotton is available in China only. The quality of this cotton is the poorest and it cannot be used for finer variety of fabrics. The staple length is 1.5 cm to 2 cm only
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