Carding and object of carding


Carding may defined as the reduction of an entangled mass of fibres to a filmy web by working between two closely spaced, relatively moving surfaces clothed with sharp wire points The carding is the heart of the spinning mill & well carded is half-spun-demonstrate the immense significance of carding for the final result of the spinning operation. The importance of carding is still greater where new spinning systems are concerned 

Textile Carding machine

Object of carding

1. Opening to individual fibres

 The blow room only opens the raw material to flocks where as the card opens it to the stage of individual fibres. This enables the elimination of impurities & good performance of the other operation.

2. Elimination of impurities & dust

Elimination of foreign material occurs mainly in the region of the taker in (Licker-in).In addition to free dust. which can be directly sucked away as in the B/R, the card also removes a large proportion of the micro particles. The card is a good dust removing m/c.

3. Removing of neps

The card reduces the no of neps from the B/R Actually neps are not eliminated at the card, they are mostly opened out. An improvement in disentangling of neps is obtained by: closer spacing between the clothing, sharper clothing: optimal speeds of the Licker-in, low doffer speeds lower through put

4. Elimination of short fibres

Short fibres in the Short fibres can only be eliminated if they are pass into the clothing. Elimination of short fibrein the   card must be viewed in proportion , actually very small , less than 1 % short fibres 

5. Fibre blending

 The card is the only m/c to process individual fibres. In formation of the web & with repeated rotation of the fibres on the main cylinder, intimate fibre with fibre mixing is achieved

6. Fibre orientation

 it is often attribute the effect of parallelizing. The card can be given, the task of creating partial longitudinal orientation of the fibres

 Sliver formation: To deposit the fibre material, to transport it & process it  appropriate product must be formed So, carding is called heart of spinning
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