Blow Room and its function

The Blow Room 

The blow room is the first stage or the first process in the short staple spinning. The name 'Blow Room is given to this stage because of the air currents that are commonly used during the processing of fibres The blow room the fibre mass is progressively opened, cleaned and mixed This is done by using a large number of machines. In each of these machines used in blow room if the actions are too severe of sudden then fibre damage will occur 

 Faction of blow  Room

Fibre Opening:
The tightly packed fibre bales received from the ginning mills have to be opened by converting the larger fibre tufts into smaller ones and ultimately converting the smaller tufts into individual fibre form.

All the natural fibres including cotton have considerable amount of impurities in them which have to be removed to produce a clean yarn.

The properties of the cotton fibres differ from each other from bale to bale and from fibre to fibre so in order to obtain a homogenious and consistent quality yarn. they need to be thoroughly mixed together. Sometimes in order to have a desired quality at the right price high quality cotton fibres are mixed with low quality fibres

Preparation of feed for the next stage:
The end product of the blow room should be compatible with the next stage of spinning i.e. carding The feed to the carding can be either given in the form of lap or in direct chute form
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