Transfer printing

Transfer printing

The fundamental concept of transfer printing process is to print selected volatile non-ionic dyes on a paper and to transfer the dye to the fabric held in firm contact with the printed paper and heated at a temperature of about 180° to 220° Polyester and cellulose triacetate fabrics are ideally suitable for transfer printing.

Transfer printing

The main advantages of the process are

 (i) Complete dry system
 (ii) Low cost of labour,
(iii) Better control of process.
(iv) Better quality of print, and
(v) any effect of paper can be reproduced on the fabric.

However, there are limitations to this process and they are
(a) Applicable to hydrophobic fabrics,
(b) Limited number of dyes for application.
(c) Special paper required for printing and sometimes bigger width papers are not available,
(d) variation in depth of shades with papers from different sources.

Paper Printing

Printing of paper is carried out by several methods used in graphic industry .The most popular method is gravure and almost 90 % of the paper are printed with Roto gravure printing machine. Rotary screen printing machine is also used to print paper

 Inks for Printing

Inks are made up of dyestuffs having high vapour pressure and low sublimation fastness. These dyestuff's arc thoroughly ground and converted into solid solution in a polymer i.e. ethyl cellulose. After printing, the paper is coated with resins on ,a lacquer. This is essential for the paper to stick to the fabric for true contact and for avoiding relative movement of the paper with respect to fabric during transfer


 The machines used for transfer printing are essentially hot plates in which the temperature is maintained in the desired range.

The machines are of two types,

 batchwise or continuous i.e.  flat bed drum or calendar. The fabric is placed on a flat bed or drum. The printed paper is placed on the fabric with the printed surface of paper in contact with the fabric and then heat pressed to get the transfer of the paper within 15 to 30 seconds at 180 to 220°C.Washing of the transfer printed fabric is not necessary.
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