Rotary Screen Printing

Rotary Screen Printing

In this type of printing, the screen is wrapped on a metal cylinder. The solution of the color is inserted from one end of the cylinder. This roller rotates by mechanical method. When the cloth is to be printed then this cylinder will sit on the cloth Goes and starts to rotate, so that the entire screen on the fabric (which is wrapped on the cylinder) is printed. In this printing, the color of the color of the screen is the same as the screen is needed. The cylinders are wrapped on this process by about 100 meters /

Rotary screen printing

 Part of rotary printing machine

Some of the most important devices fixed on rotary screen printing machine are as fallow

(A) Feed Device: This consists of guide rollers with or without scary and a pair of clothe guider  it is mean to feed fabric

(b) Vacuum Cleaner: Vacuum cleaner removes any loose lint or fluff from surface of fabric

(c) Gluing Device : This device consists of an expander roller and a pressing

(d) Printing Bed: Printing is carried out by circular nickel perforated standard size of screen (Mostly 640 mm circumference) which are mounted on the sized screen ( flat bed of the blanket which is an endless washable darex type.

(e) Feeding Pumps
: Colored feeding is carried out into the screen, by non- reversible type pumps made of stainless steel.

(F) Drier: Printed fabric is fed by means of a systematic conveyer belt to the hot air drier which consists of a high grade beat insulated hot air chamber equipped with a powerful radial fan and exhaust fan. Drier has a plaiter at the delivery end.

(G) Squeeze System : The important part of the machine is squeeze system which feeds the color of the fabric. There are mainly two systems:

(i) pneumetic  squeeze system working with doctor blade

(ii) Magnetic rod system working in the influence of magnetic field’. Modified squeeze consists of plastic tip rubber blades. Different sizes of squeezes are used for various types of prints such as cutline’s, blotches etc.

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