Roller Printing:

 The color that is printed by this method continues to be printed on the color cloth with the help of an engraved roller. Repeat of the design depends on the circular of the roller. The circumference of most rollers is 16 inches and length is 42 inches.

Design of roller printing

Engrave roller is made of cylindrical shape made of steel, on which copper layer is clamped from electroplating. On which the Kurd is designed and designated, this roller is plated with chromium which protects the roller from any kind of damage. To control every single roller.
Roller printing

There is a separate arrangement. The color of the printed roller is done by the color of the box. A blade of very sharp edge steel, also called a doctor blade, is usually done by the first roller Clears. 

Through this process, the colored solution remains in the engraved area where it is transferred to the fabric. There are many rollers of this type in a machine and each roller will print different color and complete the design. The fabric that is to be printed is to be placed on the endless rubba blanket so that the cloth does not move around during printing. 

Roller printing is a very good printing and the output also produces 40 to 50 meters / minute) but in printing it takes a lot of time to come from pattern to pattern and many pressures during printing ( Pressure is required. In Figure 1 roller printing is shown

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