Dyeing of Cotton Fiber With Mineral Khaki Dye:

Dyeing of Cotton Fiber With Mineral Khaki Dye: 

Dyeing from Mineral Khaki is also called Metallic Khaki. To bring such a shade, the oxide (Iron and  chromium) above the fabric is applied to the oxide. Orion oxide is reddish brown, while carbonize oxide is green. The khaki color comes from meeting both of them. Dyers should have a good experience for mineral rest dyeing. 
In this process, the fabric should be pad in chrome alum and iron acetate (ferrous sulfate) or ferrous sulfate in the ratio given below.

mineral khaki color

 For green khaki: 

16 parts chrome alum (48Tw) and 1 violence ferrous sulphate 24T).

For red khaki:

 8 parts chrome alum (48 ° tw) and 1 part ferrous sulphate (24)

Reduces or increases the amount of chrome alum, green tone decreases or increases, while decreasing or increasing the amount of ferrous sulphate decreases or increases red or yellowish brown tone.

Today Mineral Khaki is obtained from many other laws.

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