Chrome Dyes:

Chrome Dyes:

Chrome colors resemble acidic colors, but after coloring in chrome colors, chromium salt is used as Mordant. Color of wool is very strong in color, with potassium dichromate ,Sodium Bi Chromate etc. are used as motorsants.
Three colors of colored chrome are:
1 pre-chrome method
2 After Chrome Method
3 chromate method

Chrome Dyes:

Prechrome method:

This is a very difficult method. It requires two baths and its color is not very solid. With this method, they first go to potentium dicromate or sodium by comet to the melody. Do this before mordantig dyeing. 
In this, add 2% ammonium sulphate or 1-2% acidic acid or 85% of formic acid, then the machine moves well and the temperature increases to 60%, then slowly the temperature is taken to 100 degree centigrade and this temperature Runs for 60-90 minutes, after which drain water and chemicals and drain them with hot water. 
And chrome is taken to this bath for dyeing.
In this bath already there is a reddish color and the temperature of this bath is 50 to 60 degrees Celsius. The temperature of this bath takes 100 degrees to 30 minutes. And allow to dye at 60-80% at this temperature. After this, the wool is washed with hot water and soap by freeing the hot water and chemicals. To confirm this color, sometimes 0. 0 potassium pikemate can also be inserted into 180 degree Ram.

After chrome method:

In this method the wool is first painted and after that it is moddantigated with the comoam salts (potassium die comet or sodium die chromate). In this process, they are in a dye bath containing 3 to 5 acetic acetic (48) .5 to 10 gobar salt. 15 to 20 minutes, run at 60 degree centigrade. After this, the color of water roamed in two installments at a 15 minute interval and the temperature is taken to 100 degree centigrade in 30 to 40 minutes. Dyeing for 40- 60 minutes at this temperature, 1 to 2% of formic acid or 1.0% to 1.0 sulfuric acid

Or can add 2.0-0.20%. Now the die bath is done at 70 degree centigrade and mix 5% ammonium sulphate or ammonium acetate, so that the color is well leveled.

Now, in this dye bath, 1.90% to 20% potassium dichromate or sodium bikrobeate, and the temperature is 100 ° C in 30 minutes. At this temperature, allow the machine to run for a minute. After this the clothes are washed off by draining water and chemicals.
The biggest hard shade in this method comes due to matching because the method already dyeing is done. So it is difficult to determine what the shade will come after the mortgage.

 Chromate method:

It is an easy method of dyeing, only one dye bath is used in dyeing. In this method, put the color in the dye bath and take the temperature to 50 to 60 degree centigrade and run it in 15 minutes for wool. After this, 1 .04 to 20% potassium hicromate contains sodium bicromate Between 2 .0% to 5 .0%, before the mixed ammonium acetate or ammonium sulphate mix. Instead of ammonium acetate or ammonium sulphate, 0.5% acetic acid (60%) or 0.25% -0.5% tooric acid (85%) can be inserted from 0.75%. After this the temperature is taken to 100 degree centigrade, and dyeing at 60 to 90 minutes at the same temperature. 
After this, by cooling the machine, draining water and chemicals and washing them thoroughly and drying

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