What is mildew proofing

Mildew proofing

The finish that is given to protect fabrics from mildew is known as Mildew Proofing,,

This is a chemical and property giving finish.
This finish is very important for cellulose fibre fabrics like cotton, jute, hemp, linen because the Micro organisms consider and utilize them  their food and destroy them.
from the above said cellulose fibers, Surgical cloth, bed sheets, underwear etc., are made. Therefore they should be protected from mildew.

mildew proofing

 Temperature- 25 to 35°C  and high relative humidity at a pH of 7 are the favorable conditions for their growth.
So, for the protection from mildew it is essential mildew proofing is given.


1 They should not affect the fastness property of the dye fabric.
2 It should not affect the physical properties of the fabric like strength, feel etc.
3 Durable and non-durable finish can be produced
The finish should be fast to light, wash and dry cleaning


Many antiseptic substances have been used to prevent the growth of mildew in cotton goods.
Phenols ,Cresols ,Chlorophenols, Pheny phenols and salts of Zinc, Copper and Mercury have been used extensively.
 Salicylanilide which is marketed under the trade name of Shirlan is one of the most suitable antiseptics for cotton goods. Salicylanilide is not soluble in water Ammonia is a solvent for its.
 0.2 % of salicylanilide gives excellent protection again mildew. Shirlan Extra, Shirlan D, Shirlan A are the three verities of salicylanilide available today.
Some Organic compounds and Organo Metallic compounds can also be used to get this finish.


 Pad –Dry- Cure
Concentration of the chemical is 0.5 % .It can also be used on wool and silk.

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