Roller Singeing

In this method, instead of passing the cloth over fixed plates, it is passed over a hollow cylinder of copper or cast iron which is heated internally and is a modification of the plate singeing machine. The cylinder rotates slowly and so presents a fresh hot surface to the oncoming fabric. Further, it rotates in a direction opposite to that of the fabric which raises the nap of the cloth making it particularly suited to the singeing of velvet and, piled fabrics. It is possible to singe both sides, of the cloth in one operation by using two cylinders

In roller singeing, the temperature of the cylinder is more uniform at all places than in the case of plate singeing; hence there is less uneven singeing. This machine, however, also suffers from the disadvantage viz. that it also produces minute grooves when thousand of meters of cloth is passed over the cylinder giving rise to uneven singeing. Also, the fiber ends present in the interstices of warp and weft are not singed since the intense heat does not reach them. Some machines are fitted with a device for sucking away the burnt fibers, The fabric is then quenched by passing it through a mangle revolving in a to extinguish all sparks

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