Moth proofing

Moth proofing

Moth proofing is a finishing which is given to prevent the growth of moth.
 It is a chemical and property giving finish.


It is mainly carried out on wool fabrics as the Keratin molecules are consumed by moths as foods.
Since woolen fabrics are costlier, they have to be protected from moth.

moth proofing

 Moth is a small insect that feeds on substance keratin and fibroin and so animal fibres are more s like susceptible to the attack of moth. Woollen and worsted materials are attacked by moth and quickly eaten away and the housewives have to be very careful in preserving such garments.


The finish should not affect the strength, drape, handle, softness, fastness property of dyed fabric and it should not cause any irritation to the human skin. The finish should be fast to wash, light and laundering.


Moth proofing can be done in the following
(1) By exposing the material to sunlight or    Sulphur dioxide
(2 ) Using Naphthalece balls and Para dichloro benzene
(3) Using some substances containing clourine such s Sodium flouride, Aluminium flouride, Potassium tlouride o and Sodiurn antimony flouride
(4) Using soluble solvents such as Dichloro Benzene Sulphomethylamide and Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloro ethane
( 5) Evlan BL and Mittin FF also produce moth proofing .These are the best mothicides
(6) A concept has been brought out wherein it is suggested that it is better to change the structure of keratin of the wool by chemical modification. In this case the Disulphide Linkages ( cystine linkages ) can be changed


Pad – Dry - Cure
Concentration - 20 % of the weight of the material 

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