How to do Rot proofing

Rot proofing

'Rot Proofing has been defined as the protection from Biological Decay of textiles exposed to moisture with or without contact in soil or other contaminant.

Rot proofing
 It is a Chemical and property giving finish


 This finish is mainly given to cellulosic fibres like jute, hemp, flax as they are attacked by Bacteria. From the cellulosic fibres, bed sheets, surgical cloth, underwear are made and have to be protected from bacteria. When the material is exposed to high moisture content or left damp for prolonged period there is every chance for the growth of bacteria on it.

The organisms which attack the textile material are of two types:

1 The moulds or fungi
2 The bacteria.
The attack is increased, if the material contains starches, gums, dextrin’s flours etc. Even the natural impurities present in grey cotton itself serve as food. Therefore the first step to produce rot proof material world be to Scour all impurities and avoid finishes.


It should not affect the fastness of the dyed fabric. It should not affect the physical properties of fabric. The finish should be fast to light, wash and laundering


The chemical used for rot proofing should
Be non-toxic to hurnan being.
Should have no objectional odour.
Should not discolor the material.
Should not affect the handle of the goods.
Compounds of Antimony.Bismuth, Cadmium, Cobalt and Copper have been used as outdoor fungicides Telluride’s of these metals are applied to the fibre by padding method using a binder and emulsifier with water followed by drying.
 Copper Naphtbanates are particularly more efficient when compared with other copper compounds which are used for rot proofing. Willesdon Finish user Cuprammonium solution for applying on Canvas and Tent cloth to make them Rot proof and Water proof.

Emulsions of Zine or Copper Naphthonate is known 'Micronil also confers rot proofing.
0.55 % of metallic copper on the weigh , of the libre must be present for effective rot proofing. Zirconiun compounds can also be used.
Penta Chloro phenyl Laurate is an effective rot proofing agent but it degrades cotton on exposure to light

Process sequence

Pad- Dry - Cure
Concentration - 0.1 %

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