Flame retardant for cotton

Flame retardant for cotton

First method
By depositing insoluble metallic compounds, the effect of fire proofing obtained is permanent as it does not wash out

Out of all, Antimony Oxychloride is the best. It is precipitated on the fibre by the double deconposition of tartarernetic and Stannic Oxychloride. and then washed in running water.
In the same manner, Metallic salts such as Magnesium Borate, Ammonium Sulphate and Magnesium Silicate also produce fire proofing

cotton fire retardant

 Second method

Soluble compounds such as Borax, Sodium Phosphate are used. A mixture as given below is found to be effective for this finish. Borax  - 50 parts
Boric Acid - 35 parts
Sodium Phosphate- 15 parts
Only 5 % solution of the mixture is used. Most of the fire proofing agents can be fixed by synthetic resins.

Tetrakis hydroxy Methyl Phosphonium Chloride (THPC) when used with Urea and Methylol Melamine produce good wet fastuess flame proofing properties.
The fabric is padded through the solution containing,
THPC                     - 15.8 %
Methylol melamine - 9.5 %
Tri ethanol aminie  - 3 %
Urea                      - 9.9 %
Dried and cured at 140°C for s minute and washed.

This process is known as 'Proban' finishing


Pad - Dry - Cure

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