Textile dyeing machine use in dyeing

Textile dyeing machine

When the textile material is required to be colored in large quantities, then
Dyeing operation requires the use of the machine
Otherwise, there is considerable manual labor in the process and the cost of dyeing
Increases, the variable introduced by the human element is dispensed.
Using the machine that helps in the production of color dyeing
Are there. When the machine is in pack like crop, cheese or beam, then hand
Machine used to spread diarrhea after alcohol intake
should be done. Another advantage of machine dyeing is that m: l
Used in proportion, leave it less than hand drawn
Given (1: 5 again as 1: 5) so that the consumption of water in steam
Too much savings and chemical. So in the machine dying material
Is used

dyeing machine
1 to increase production rate

2 to reduce the cost of dyeing

3 for economies on labor

4 for effective saving in water and steam and chemical consumption

5 to facilitate die of material in package form

6 to preserve the quality of delicate material

Principal of dyeing machine

Dyeing machines are designed on three fundamental principals

1 moving material through dyeing liquor (in liver dying)

Circulation of dyeing liquor through 2 stabilizing materials (package coloration

 In the machine)
Both 3-moment material and liquor (such as in jet dyeing machine)

Practically all cotton pieces are good, wrapped on punched beams

 Leaving people or implementing the first principal ie Dyeing

 Transfer the material through alcohol to the color of the fabric

All liver, pulley, and padding mangles and rotating roller type yarn

Dyeing Machine and Ball Warp Chain Dyeing Machine at this Principal

Synthetic fabric in silk form specially polyester fabric third

Principal is dyed in a machine containing

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