Textile back filling machine and their process

Back-filling is a descriptive term applied to the process in which thick paste is pressed into only one site of the cloth and the extra is scraped later.

Object of back filling

1. To cover the difference between wire and weight thread by a thick paste

2. To improve the appearance and firmness of the fabric to fill the gap of the fabric

3. To increase the weight of the cloth by keeping the face of the cloth in good condition

It is usually given low quality and loose fabric, such as long clothes, book binding cloth etc.
 back filling machine and their process

Single cotton bowl thick starch semi-immaculate in the top of the past
And the clothes are pressed around the roller
Flour is not only starch but also some clay agent such as China soil
And the French Chalk and some patrons also on the clothes during subsequent storage
To prevent the growth of mildew, there are.
In this way the face of the cloth is not unchanged, but paste
 Put on the back side of the cloth which extends extra scramm

 it happens

A thick paste mixture is necessary here, otherwise a thin paste will enter the cloth and give the cloth an unknown presence


Wheat starch - 100 gpl
Wetting agent- .05gpl
China clay - 50gpl
Borax - 1gpl

Color - as per required


Starch - For stiffing

Wetting agent - for softing

China clay - weighting of material

Borax - antiseptic agent

The above mentioned starch is applied to the cloth by the above mentioned machine
Special guide roller for drying on not being styled
Drying on the cylinder

Process sequence

Pad - dry - calender

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