Printing and type of printing


The color on the clothes means that the color at the selected point of color

 Is selected i.e. all colors in colors of colors

Put the color of clothes that touch the place in the printing

 Let's print. One way by which we wear clothes

 Make well and according to the mind, clothes

But any size can be made in the printing

 Color should be prepared for It is very focused that

To further strengthen this color, thickness in this way

It is inserted that the use of starch, gum etc. to wear

The advantage of colors prevents the spread of colors, not painted colors

 Exit the picture and get sharp design

is. Different methods are used in printing, which

 It is as follows.

Types of printing

1 block printing

2 screen printing

3 flat bed printing

4 Roller printing

5 Rotary printing

6 Transfer printing

7 Flock printing

textile printing

Each method has its own use. Block printing

The oldest and most simple method of printing. This printing hand

Made of shapes on wooden blocks. Of this method

The capacity is very low but very low if you have the same amount

To do so it is very cheap

Digital printing is being used a lot nowadays

Machine use is not present in screen printing. First

Screen is drawn in which the design is small (small holes)

Make this screen on clothes and color it

Paint on the screen where the design is made,

Comes through and it is printed in this way.

Flat bed printing is an advanced form of screen printing in which. Printing machine, printed in roller printing .The design is designed by digging on the roller and Roll it in different roller-colored characters for each color. Does a different use cylinder Rotary printing is a mixture of screen and roller, in which the screen. Designed and on screen screw and hollow roller. Is wrapped. Whenever the pressure in the roller is required. So this roller fills in color. So that the color is made in the screen. Comes through the design hole. After printing, fixes the colors on the fabric. This color comes with gates or hot-

Hitting is determined by the steam, after which the clothing is needed. Is washed according to

There is a different style of printing

1 direct style

2 Resist  style

3 Discharge style

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