Motel Metal Dyeing Machine

Stand fast Motel Metal Dyeing Machine

This machine is mainly used for continuous dyeing of vat dyes it is also used for dyeing solubilized vat dyes. The peculiar feature of this machine is that the dye-bath is in the form of a U-shaped stainless steel tube which contains molten metal at a temperature of about 95°C. The U tube is 3m long, 1.5 m wide 1.5 m deep and 2.5 cm thick. At the entering end of the U tube, there is a dye-bath about 20 cm deep which floats on the molten metal (an alloy of bismuth, lead, tin, and cadmium) and contains the vat colors in the reduced form with caustic soda and hydrosulfite for carrying out vat dyeing. The alloy metal in the tube melts at 70°C and is maintained at 95 C by steam pipes The fabric is first preheated by passing it around steam-heated rollers A  so that it will not cool the dye-bath B into which it runs sound the U-shaped tube (about 3 m in length) through the molten metal for a very short time viz. to l0 seconds. gets dyed and while coming out, it passes through another bath (D) containing, a hot solution of common salt which also floats on the top of the molten metal at the exit end; this removes and brings back into the bath, molten metal which may be carried along by the fabric. The fabric is then taken out, oxidized, soaped  and washed. The speed of the fabric is 30 to 100 m per minute. When a fabric padded with a dispersion of vat dye pigment is used, it is passed through the dye-bath  containing only solution of caustic soda anć hydrosulfite 

molten metal dyeing machine

The character of molten metal machine

1 It provides quick transfer and even supply of. heat to the dye impregnate fabric in the absence of fabric

2 It exerts pressure on the fabric and removes excess liquor from it and

 3 It permits the use of an extremely small dye-bath. (of                 about 10 liters capacity ).

Advantages of the Machine are as Under

1 The machine is simple in construction and easy to clean it gives uniform dyeing

2 It has given uniform dyeing

3 Small lots (single pieces of 100 m) can be dyed economically

4 As the cloth passes through the molten metal in the absence of air, there is saving in the consumption of the caustic soda and hydrosulfite

5 All vat dyestuffs irrespective of whether they belong to IK IW, IN or IN special can be used under similar conditions thus simplifying matching of shade
6 Switching from one shade to another is possible in a short time


 1): The fabric remains in the liquor for a very short time therefore if it is not a highly absorbent penetration is poor

2) The pressure of the metal produces a low squeezing effect and is not sufficient to transfer the dyestuff into the interior of heavy fabrics

3) If the molten metal gets solidified during the running of the machine the cloth gets torn

4) The cloth when it leaves the machine, carries with it traces of the costly metal which cannot be removed resulting in lost

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