hank dyeing machine

Hank Dyeing

Hank Dyeing method did not include the use of any machine
Goes and the handloom is common for Dyeing Yarn in the Hank Form
 Is used. In this method, many hunkers weighing about 1 kg
Wooden rods or metal rods are hung from the open rectangular
Hunk is kept in sufficient depth. That lie does not touch the false floor.
 Sticks are standing on opposite site of handles by two workers.
hank dyeing machine

50 kg of hunk should be painted on about 50 sticks in 1000 litter.

Could. Bent rod of metal is commonly used so that when

 Hank should be suspended on it. The whole hunk is completely in the wine

It is particularly important when wet dye is painted.

But turning the tilt on the hook is more difficult to straighten

Turn on the rods and sometimes the yarn as many times as each rod

It is changed as often as possible so that the frequency of turning
Can be painted, the hank head exposed to the air is taken down

Goes and drowns Alternatives to yarn in this way

Dyeing is done with exposure and immersion.

To maintain the temperature of the wine, the diarrhea is made of wood

Heated by wood or steam but common steam usage

Usually not done. Extra water after hank color

 Hydro extractor is extracted by the machine to remove

The method is not efficient, the cost of liquor is high and the human element

Due to the likelihood of unequal results

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