dyeing ,yarn dyeing, fibre dyeing and fabric dyeing

Different types of machines are used to complete the process of dyeing.

What type of matter is the substance, depends on the substance, what type of machine should be taken.

Size of material ( shape of material )

It is very important to know the size of the substance in the use of the machine. Any substance can be found for Dyeing, which is given below.

1 fiber (fiber dyeing)

2 yarn dyeing

3 Fabrics (Fabric Dyeing)

4 Garment dyeing

Fiber Dyeing

The machine which is useful for color fiber, resolves the color through continuous colors. This type of machine is called a fiber dyeing machine

 After passing through the dryer (Dior) to dry the fiber. Hot air moves in the dryer, keeps the temperature of the hot air according to your requirement, and keeps the set of speed for the dryer.

Yarn Dyeing

There are many types of machines in machines used to paint the thread.

1 hank dyeing

2 package dyeing

3 cabinet dyeing

4 Seat form dyeing

5 Rope form dyeing

Fabric dyeing

Nowadays, different types of machines are used for dyeing. The choice of color-coloring machine depends on the texture of the fabric that we have knit or knit fabric. The machine is given below for rubbing clothes.
1 wing dyeing
2 jigger dyeing
3 Jet dyeing
4 Continuous Dyeing
5 Two bowl padding mangle
6 beam dyeing
7 Three bowl padding mangle
8 molten metal dyeing machine

Garment dyeing

The sewing fabrics are mainly painted in sweaters, towels, jeans, curtains etc. Sewing clothes were washed

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