Dye and mixing of dye and metamerism

Most of the dye nowadays is made of inorganic substances, which keep the conjugative double bonds. Which chromophores and oxochrome are connected. Coromophores are functional groups that absorb light energy. Examples are given below

-N = N - - Azo group

-NO₂ - - Nitro group

-C = O - Carbonyl group

-NR₃⁺ - Alkayl ammonium derivative

Axochrome is a classical functional group. This example is given below

 -NH₃ amino group

-NHR mono alkyl amino group

-NR₂ die alakyl amino group

-OH Hydroxy Group

-Or ether group

Color mixing

All the Visible Spectrum (visible spectrum) is made up of three colors, three colors in it are red, blue, yellow in color. Almost all colors are prepared by mixing these colors in different colors.

There are two ways to mix color.
1 way to add 1 color
2 neutral laws of 2 colors
How to add color
The method for adding color to get different colors is given below. Blue in this method; Red, Yellow is the primary color
Negative method of colors
In the negative method of colors, location, yellow, and magenta are primary colors. Many colors are mixed by combining these three colors.

Description & measurement

There are many ways to describe and measure the colors, but all these are the most suitable in Munseel method. In this method, the three properties of colors are evaluated based on the color (hue), value and brightness (chrome).

Color (hue)

  It's the color of something like yellow yellow. Blue lal explains


  It tells light and thick color


It tells the purity or strength of colors


Sometimes it has been seen that when we see the clothes in the light of light, then he sees us differently. Different colors of the same color are called Metamericum. A good color cloth is in which there is no difference in this type of color matching cabinet, which is used to see this quality, in which there are different types of light. This type of color is called aluminate.

Apart from this, two garments of the same color are said to be the same person who says that both matches are held while others say that there is no match then this situation is called Metamericum. There is a different ability to see and match the eyes of both the persons, it is called Metameric Observer Metamerismam.

If the geometry of the viewer changes, the object still looks different. Example 2 degree supervisor does not have the right to see a very large area and it is not ok to see a 10 degree very small area. Metamericum like this is called geometry (geometric) Metamerism is called

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